Adam and Jesus are not the only ones who will have eternal companions in Heaven, because fellowship and companionship is the purpose of this creation.  You see, when God made Eve for Adam, it was not as though He made another apple.  It was as though He cut one apple in half (sex means to divide).

Adam was divided into two beings — one masculine, and one feminine.  This division was not just in the physical realm; it was also in the spiritual, mental and emotional realms.  That’s why a strictly physical relationship on earth does not fully satisfy the desire of men and women for companionship.  There must be a relationship not affected by time or space or death — a relationship that unites two souls, two minds and two hearts.

Consider some words of Jesus about marriage (Luke 20:34-38).
“The children (men and women) of this world marry…”
The Greek word He used for ‘marry’ means, ‘unite for the purpose of physical reproduction.’  This is necessary on earth because physical bodies die.
“…but the children (men and women) of the resurrection…do not die.”
They are eternal, spiritual beings like angels.  But they are more than angels.  They are sons and daughters of God.  Jesus did not cancel companionship in Heaven, He is simply explaining that beings who do not die, do not reproduce.
On this earth a feminine being lives in a female body which is flesh and blood and physical and temporary.  In Heaven she lives in an eternal spiritual body.  She is still feminine and has the form of a lady, but she is no longer female. 

Spiritual glorified bodies do not have reproductive organs, because flesh and blood do not enter Heaven.  The same is true for a man.  In Heaven he lives in a spiritual body.  He still looks like a man, and he is still masculine, but he is no longer male.

Yes, there are relationships between a man and a lady in Heaven, but there we live in glorified bodies, not in physical bodies.  And only in God’s house will companions finally be together forever.
Now consider these six facts:
1/ Jesus paid the supreme price to obtain a bride.
2/ When God made Eve for Adam, He instituted eternal companionship, because there was no death at that time.
3/ The masculine is not complete without the feminine, because in Adam they were created as one.
4/ Every child born to Adam’s race is only half of a perfect one.
5/ Love is eternal.
6/ Everyone of us, just like Jesus, desires an eternal companion.

Therefore, just as God made food for hungry bodies, and air for birds to fly in, so He has made paradise for sweethearts.  But the only way to that paradise is Jesus — the way, the truth, and the life (John 14:6).


Now your questions:
Q/ Will an unmarried person have a companion in Heaven?
A/ Yes.  Just as God chose Eve for Adam, so He will choose companions in Heaven.  Jesus was not married on earth, but Rev 19:1-9 records His marriage in Heaven.
Q/ Will my spouse on earth be my companion in Heaven?
A/ Many married Christians have a companionship that includes mental, emotional and spiritual satisfaction.  They share a love that distance cannot hinder, time cannot diminish, and death cannot finish.  And since their life on earth is a happy one, they desire to be together in Heaven, and I believe God will grant their desire.  On the other hand, many marriages are unhappy, but don’t let an unhappy marriage turn you against the covenant companion concept.  God made for Adam a companion he would not part with; and He knows how to choose the perfectly satisfying companion in Heaven for every saved child of Adam’s race.  If we keep His rules here, He will keep His promises there.
Q/ If there is no marriage in Heaven, how do companions express love?
A/ A biological response is not love; it is only an expression of love, as you have said.  But God had to make it the only physical intimacy or the race would not continue.  In Heaven there are seven intimacies, but they are spiritual, and any one of them would make the earthly relationship seem like a bad dream by comparison.
Eternal intimacies will be explained in the Holy City where we will soon be going.  But following is a brief introduction.
Spirits look like people, but two of them can occupy the same space at the same time and appear as one.  This is why a soul and a spirit can both live in the same body; they are being intimate with each other and with that body.  The fear of death is proof that souls and spirits are very delighted with life in a body.
Covenant companions in Heaven (those united by God) will live in spiritual glorified bodies and so will also be able to occupy the same space at the same time, the masculine and the feminine appearing as one glorified being, united as two voices singing one duet.  There is nothing on earth that even compares to the lasting ecstasy of this intimacy.
God’s Spirit and my spirit are also delighted to be together as one in my body, because when I dedicated my life to God, I was so happy that for hours I could not speak for laughing.  And this spiritual intimacy will continue forever in my glorified body in Heaven.
“The Lord is intimate with the upright.”
Proverbs 3:32
A happy relationship with God’s indwelling Spirit is required before anyone enters the gate of the Holy City.


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