Throughout the Bible, Christ’s resurrection is the greatest miracle of them all. Such a miraculous event paved the way to Christianity. Without the resurrection, the disciples would not have fully believed in Christ and preached his Gospel.

Today, many non-believers invented naturalistic theories to disprove the resurrection but they failed miserably.



Let us take a closer look at these theories. First, during the Roman Empire, everyone who was punished with crucifixion, died. No one with an “earthly body” no matter how fit he is would have survived the ordeal.

Jesus’ Crucifixion was a method of excruciating punishment combined with severe flogging, exhaustion, trial after trial, crown of thorns and heavy beating while walking and carrying the cross. The flogging alone would have been deathly.


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Many have died while being scourged due to severe blood loss. Secondly, the Romans were experts in execution. The crucifixion was the ultimate punishment during that time and no one lived to tell the tale (except for Jesus of course). Jesus died at the crucifixion. When his side was pierced, blood and water poured out.

The Romans knew what they were doing and they were extra careful to ensure Jesus’ death because of the growing believers and the fact that Jesus’ preached about his own resurrection. Thirdly, had Jesus survived the crucifixion and woke up from coma-state; he would still be very weak to roll the heavy stone all by himself without alerting the guards outside his tomb.

Lastly, Jesus showed himself to the women first. Women in those times do not carry as much rights as men so if Jesus wanted to show the world that he had risen from the dead, why the women? No one would believe a woman’s testimony in those times.


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