Those who are wise in their own eyes, those who ignore daily instruction, those who otherwise pretend interest in Bible doctrine, are left to their own devices and to the success of their own efforts and to their own demise, which is certain, and totally caused by themselves.
Therefore, God leaves them to their own efforts. God allows them to succeed or fail, as the world determines, because the framework of the world, which is also designed by God, leaves ample room for believers and unbelievers alike, to function in accordance with their own choices, within the framework of establishment principles.
However, life in this world is temporary. And anything that is temporary, obviously is not permanent.
Bible doctrine is permanent, and carries over into the next life.
Dedicating oneself only to the design of this world, is dedicating oneself to the possibility of temporary success, but guarantees permanent failure. And anyone simply looking around the world, can see that 99% of the people in the world, are not successful.
But, under the principles of common grace, everyone has the opportunity to pursue life in accordance with their own definition. But also, everyone is well-informed that life will end, and their choices, if not for God, will come back to haunt them at the end of their life.


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