Christ Jesus shouted in triumphant victory over sin, saying, “IT IS FINISHED!”.

Our salvation, redemption, and eternal lives are now fully complete and secured in Christ forever through His perfect work on the cross and His shed blood! He’s about to TAKE HIS CHURCH!

Run to Him! You need to know and understand what He went through — otherwise, you will never grasp the depth of His love for you! This is what He did for us—to pay for our sins and grant us eternal life.

The night before Jesus Christ was crucified, He prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. His own sweat fell to the ground in large, heavy drops, much like blood dripping from an open wound.

This was caused by intense anguish… As God, Jesus was fully aware of everything that was going to happen to Him. He knew that He was going to be betrayed by one of His very own disciples.

He knew that many who had once called Him “The Messiah” would now be screaming for His crucifixion. He knew that He would be beaten nearly to the point of death before they pounded the crown of thorns into His head.

He knew the prophetic words of Isaiah spoken 700 years ago, that He would be beaten so severely that He would be “disfigured beyond human likeness.” These things contributed to His great anguish and sorrow, causing Him to sweat drops of blood.

However, there was more… He knew that He was going to be crucified. The crucifixion was considered the most painful and torturous method of execution ever devised. In fact, the pain was so unbearable that a word was created to describe it – “excruciating” – which literally means “from the cross.”


As our sinless Savior bore the weight of the world’s sins on His shoulders and was being crucified, His Father must have looked away, for His “eyes are too pure to look on evil.” This caused Jesus to cry out, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?”—which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

The pain of seemingly being abandoned by His Father far surpassed the intense physical pain the Lord endured on our behalf. The cross was meant for us! The pain was meant for us to bear, the blood was meant for us to shed, the sin was meant for us to die for!

BUT Jesus endured it all to rescue us, to save us, to redeem us, so that one day we could also be glorified with the Father and have eternal life. He did it out of LOVE, for YOU and me!

IT IS FINISHED!! (John 19:30) NOW … God looks at the cross and sees YOU… And when He looks at YOU— He sees Christ! Come to Jesus today!! Don’t wait any longer! Believe in what He DID for YOU on the CROSS! Enter His Kingdom today!! He is coming for His CHURCH — there’s no time to lose!!!



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